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Being able to borrow large amounts of money at short notice is often expected of the lifestyle of a high net worth individual. Clients may be looking to borrow for a number of reasons, including:


Secured Lending:
AB&T offers securities backed lending facilities, which gives investors an opportunity to earn revenues from collateralized loans of their assets. These are fixed loans for periods ranging from 1 to 12 months, with an interest rate based on Libor. Such loans can be renewed on a rolling basis.
Our approach is to realize the revenue potential while strictly minimizing risk. Only securities of the highest quality are accepted as collateral. Value of the securities on a loan and collateral levels are monitored daily.



Unsecured loans (credit): ?
Letters of Credit (LOC):
For individuals whose business requires exporting of goods and merchandise, AB&T offers Letters of Credit which ensure the issuing bank guarantees payment when merchandise is being shipped, as long as documentation is presented in conformity with the terms of the LOC.